Hot and Toasty Panini's




Buffalo Chicken Panini - Tender sliced chicken breast & sharp cheddar cheese melted together with tangy buffalo sauce then pressed on the grill. Served on sourdough with a side of wing sauce.


Ham & Swiss Panini - Paper thin slices of premium ham with melted Swiss cheese, Sweet & Spicy honey mustard then buttered and pressed on the grill. Served on Rye.


Turkey & Avocado Panini - Slices of roasted turkey breast with jack cheese, fresh avocado, spicy mustard, mayo melted and pressed on the grill. Served on tangy sourdough.


Savory Goat Cheese Panini - Bacon, Basil and fresh tomatoes with creamy Goat Cheese on sourdough.


BBQ Bleu Chicken Panini - Tender shredded chicken breast in tangy BBQ sauce topped with melted bleu cheese & crispy bacon then pressed on the grill, served on sourdough with a fiery dipping sauce.


Four Cheese Panini - Swiss, Provolone, Cheddar, & Jack cheese melted together on Sourdough and pressed on the grill for a gooey, toasty, buttery and crunchy cheese experience. Served on Sourdough with a side of blue cheese dipping sauce


Artichoke & Olive Panini - Creamy Parmesan Artichoke puree topped with Sun-dried tomatoes and black olives then pressed and melted together on sourdough 


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